Estrogen related side effects steroids

Hi, I’m 32 I’ve had two beautiful girls aged 10 & 7.
It’s been 13minths now since my last period. Over the last 12 months I’ve put on 15kg, feeling always tired no energy and I get depressed from my weight gain. I eat healthy I’ve always been slim weighing 52kg, but now I’m heading to 65kg. Hate the way I look, I’ve lost my sex drive with my husband because I’m always so tired. I used to be the girl/wife that always loved or pushed to have sex with my husband but not anymore. I’m always suffering with a headache, constant bloating…can I seriously be going through early menopause?? Has anyone else went through the above symptoms as I mentioned above?? I need advise, when I went doctors to tell of my concerned he just laughed and said don’t be silly you’ll get your’s been 13minths now

Estrogen helps reduce the rate of bone loss that occurs during normal bone remodeling. Normally there is a balance in the activity of the cells that break down bone and the cells that build it back up. By decreasing the activity of the cells that break down bone, estrogen allows the cells that build bone to have a greater overall effect. Once estrogen levels drop, this balance shifts.

While hormone therapy has been shown to decrease hip and vertebral fractures, it may also increase your risk of other health conditions, such as invasive breast cancer, stroke and blood clots. Discuss the risks and benefits of available treatments with your health care professional.

Menopause-related discomfort. As reviewed earlier , the dryness and thinning of the vagina (vaginal atrophy) that follows the drop in estrogen around menopause is the most common cause of painful sex at midlife and beyond. Less estrogen means less vaginal lubrication and a less stretchable vagina. The vagina also may shorten and become tighter at the opening. In some women this can lead to a feeling of vaginal tightness during sex along with pain, burning, or soreness. Inflammation and irritation can also develop (atrophic vaginitis), leading to greater discomfort and sometimes to tearing and bleeding of tissue with any penetration of the vagina.

Estrogen related side effects steroids

estrogen related side effects steroids


estrogen related side effects steroidsestrogen related side effects steroidsestrogen related side effects steroidsestrogen related side effects steroidsestrogen related side effects steroids